25 Jahre Jubiläum
Galerie Bob Van Orsouw

One of the first tenant at the Löwenbräu was Bob Van Orsouw, who moved into the empty rooms of the building in May 1996. 

Fischli and Weiss «Untitled (Chamer Room)»

We remember an almost inconspicuous installation, locked behind a black door without any explanatory sign. Through a small square window, visitors to Löwenbräu in 1996 were able to get a glimpse of Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s great artwork “Untitled (Chamer Room)”.
At first glance, this room might be confused with a crowded storage space, but every item it contains has been carved and painted by hand. The objects have thus been freed from their uses, and the viewer’s astonishment causes them to lose their usual significance for a moment.
The room was exhibited and realized for the first time in 1991 in Cham. Today the work is on view as part of the collection at Kunsthaus Zürich.

Infos pictures:
Photos from the book “Before the Sun Rises”
Part of the Walter A. Bechtler Foundation collection

Renovation Kunsthalle Zurich

Room transformation of the old brewery buidling into new exhibition rooms for the Kunsthalle Zurich. 



The Bookstore Kunstgriff by Markus Schmutz left their mark on the Löwenbräu until 2019. 



Jason Rhoades

«The Creation Myth» is an analytical unmasking of the myth of Man as Creator. The artist sought to understand why, how, and what humans create by exploring Creationist and Evolutionist theories in tandem. 

Simultaneously, the exhibition was the opener for the second permanent fixture called «Galerie Hauser & Wirth 2», which was developed in collaboration with Eva Presenhuber. 

Das Soziale Kapital - Migros Museum

A visit to Löwenbräukunst in 1998 would have taken place as follows:

«You grab a shopping cart and enter the MM. You can have a beer while chatting at the bar, Thai curry is cooked in the kitchen every day at lunch, and up-and-coming bands meet for a jam session in the practice room.»

Rirkrit Tiravanija’s exhibition «Social Kapital» not only transformed the Migros Museum into a real Migros store, but also created an open structure that invited visitors to participate. Shopping and a visit to the museum become one and the same experience.

Curated by Rein Wolfs
Photocredits: Rita Palanikumar


Gigon / Guyer Café

Project study - Café Kunsthalle Zurich 

In 2000, a long and narrow cube was almost built on the terrace of Löwenbräu. During the phase of an interim location it would not only have been used as a café but also as an indication for the entrance below, along with the writing installation by Jenny Holzer. 

However, due to the extension of the whole areal the project did not come to realisation. 

Long Night of Museums

Whether eating tattoed saussages, driving around in a bumper car or visitng the new exhibitions in the house the Long Night of Museums of 2003 was surely an unforgettable event.