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Montag bis Freitag, 9 bis 14 Uhr
11.Sep 18.Dec 2020
Works with Unique Elements & Variations Made by Artists for Parkett
11.Sep.2020 31.Jan.2021
Marcia Pastore
11.Sep.2020 31.Jan.2021
Ut machina corpus
11.Sep 18.Dec 2020
Matthew Day Jackson. Flowers, Windows and Thistles
11.Sep 31.Dec 2020
Luc Meresma: WATCHOUT!
24.Oct.2020 21.Feb.2021
Potential Worlds 2: Eco-Fictions
31.Oct 19.Dec 2020
Bret Slater "A Time To Be So Small"
01.Nov.2020 09.Jan.2021
Margrit und Walter Linck "The Fifties"
14.Nov.2020 23.Jan.2021
Florian Germann: raised by dogs
14.Nov.2020 23.Jan.2021
Kaspar Müller
Anonymous Club's residency at Luma Westbau continues with their next iteration Pavement, which features the musical debut of the first resident Santiago aka "Santi" in form of a video performance, situated within the growing architectural environment designed in collaboration with subPart music video set, part futurist dreamscape or simply apocalyptic debris of retail space, the new structural addition inhabits the artefacts of Santi's performance – a custom-made costume and microphone of Anonymous Club design.

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27.Nov.2020 17.Jan.2021
Anonymous Club: Pavement
12.Dec.2020 21.Feb.2021
Jacqueline Fraser: The Making of Maria by Callas 2020
12.Dec.2020 21.Feb.2021
Pati Hill: Something other than either
11.Jan 20.Mar 2021
One Hundred Thousand Words in Search of an Author
06.Mar 23.May 2021
Julia Scher: Maximum Security Society
26.Mar 02.May 2021
Trajal Harrell
12.Jun 22.Aug 2021
Liz Larner: below above