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Christian Fogarolli: Pneuma

Winner of the Italian Council Award 2019

curated by Giulia Busetti


Pneuma project questions the concept of mental health in contemporary society, also in the light of the current global health crisis, which has shown the urgency to address realities that sseem to have been crystallized at this historical moment in time. By exploring the immateriality and intangibility of mental illness, the artist's research leads to some topical questions: are we still able to initiate a process of de-stigmatisationand a reconsideration of mental illness? How to we de-construct the binary categorisation that distinguishes "deviance" from "normality"? During research residences and collaborations in ten different countries, the artistcame into contact with multiple European realities, in the realisation of a project made up of different immersive pieces.


Artists, arttherapists and visitors, so-called neurotypical and nonneurotypical, will together reflect upon the importance of the relationship between art andmental illness, in the process of destigmatizing the latter in a very rich programme throughout the duration of the exhibition until 12.11.

Find the complete programme on dis.order

Pneuma is presented through different exhibitions including those recently concluded at the STATE Studio inBerlin, La Fondazione di Roma, the MARe Museum in Bucharest and it will continue onto MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna.


At the end of the exhibitions, a catalogue will be published including essays written by those from both the medical and artistic field and will also include a series of unpublished images that will chronologically retrace the project's preliminary research on a geographical journey.

The final works will then become part of MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna's permanent collection.


With the kind support of: Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Cassinelli-Vogel Foundation.

Opening Hours
Thursday (11-20), Saturday (11-18), Sunday (11-18) and on appointment
Limmatstrasse 270, Level A
8005 Zürich
Zugang Limmatstrasse 270 (per Aufzug) & 268 (per Treppe)
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